This is the art blog of an unrepentant weeb. I try to keep this an art only blog but I fail more and more each passing day. You can expect magical girls, jojo’s, kill la kill, and whatever the fuck else is airing this season.

I am one mother fuckin' kawaii magical girl.

i hope kojima and del toro come to my funeral after Silent Hills kills me

HOT DAMN if Zankyou no Terror sticks the landing next week this will have been one hell of a show

WHOOP look at these chucklefucks and their untagged spoilers

oh it’s this asshole again
high resolution →

oh it’s this asshole again

welp, still drawing OCs

haikyuu tho

Aoi Honoo is the most fucking relatable thing i have watched since Watamote, good lord

Anonymous sent: What program and brushes do you use?? Thnks

SHIT I just saw this ask and I’m pretty sure it’s been sitting in my inbox for over two weeks now, so sorry bout that.

UHM as for brushes i generally just use the preset photoshop brushes because i’m a hack, but I’ve got the stumpy pencil brush which you’re supposed to use for sketching but fuck that noise i use it for inking.

OH! I also downloaded a cool brush set from fox-orian years ago, and it’s got some cool shit for like trees and stuff.

Anonymous sent: What's your green tea smoothie recipe?

HAHA all i do is grab whatever fruits are around the house and throw them in a blender. so like today i chopped up a banana, and a kiwi, and threw it into a blender with strawberry yogurt and a tablespoon of matcha powder.

i cannot stop making green tea smoothies and watching kdramas what is happening